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The photographs are available in two forms: (1) archival print only and (2) archival print facemounted and framed on museum glass ready for installation. Gabriel is charging only for his cost and all sales will benefit OTR's resident's service programs. 


Different sizes are available upon request, but here are representative sizes and pricing: 


Landscape photographs at 39"x25"; portrait photographs at 31.5"x39.5"

(1) Print only (archival print): $240. 


(2) Installation ready (archival print facemounted on trulife acrylic with aluminum backing and low profile installation cleat) : $799. 

For other print sizes please contact Jody O’Connor at:

Interested in exhibiting at gallery OTR? Please clink link below to contact gallery Curator.

25% of all proceeds go to OTR

For purchasing options, please email

Shipping is incurred by the purchaser

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