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Barbara Heaton

Barbara Heaton, Wilmette Artist, 2020 

My current series, Landscape of Transformation  

came about during the recent quarantine due to the Covid pandemic. 

I enjoyed the freedom from routine and the opportunity to take a deep dive into experimenting. Memories of having spent a month every Spring on the Hawaiian island of Kauai for the last fifteen years prompted me to honor that gift. 

My practice continues using acrylic paint with collage on paper. I am drawn to bright colors to create movement, texture and vibrancy. My initial plunge was to alternate working on the wall and the floor of my studio in order to create two 5’ x 7’ murals of lava patterns. The discovery of pattern in the lava flow was awe inspiring allowing me to get lost in this energy in a time of isolation. 

Continuing to feel immersed in the tropics, I painted remote beaches, exotic fruits and pods, and lush gardens. Creating art honoring Hawaii in this time of social isolation and quarantine has allowed me special time to reconnect with a land of mystery, beauty and awesome power.

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