Meet the Artists

Ashley Alyse Butler

Abstract is my world. It’s exactly that. I make it from nothing exactly the way I want. There is no right or wrong answer. There’s only my imagination. There’s what feels right to me and what doesn’t. My art doesn’t have to be intended for anyone. But once it’s done it can be for everyone. Call it a cliché means of control. I love making up my own rules. For some limitlessness can be overwhelming, but for me it’s where I can finally breathe. I know exactly what I want to do.


I am a female solo hiker/traveler. I love this beautiful, colorful world and somewhere in my young adulthood I finally decided I wasn’t going to let the fears of others hold me from what I knew in my heart that I could handle. So I stopped asking people to do things with me and started booking tickets and packing my bags. It was the most self-empowering decision I have ever made. I began seeing the things I’d only seen on the internet and on television with my own eyes. I climbed mountains I used to keep as my laptop background. I jumped out of planes and spent the nights under the stars with the songs of coyote howls surrounding me. I began to see the world from experience and no longer from theory. 


When I paint I let my subconscious take over more than my conscience. When I’m finished with a piece I almost always see a mountain, a tree, a forest, the ocean, a wave, an island, an animal somewhere in the painting. It’s what I’ve fallen in love with so these sights shape themselves in my paintings on accident. I may have an idea of where I want to start with a piece but that’s it. The rest I just allow.   


I received my BFA from Miami University of Oxford, OH. There I learned the techniques and skills of creating a composition. But most importantly I learned to think for myself and create my own opinions about absolutely everything. You could say I was psychologically set free. But physically, I set myself free.