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OTR Residents

"I really love art and the art classes at OTR. When I’m drawing or painting, I don’t think about anything else. I feel really good after finishing a piece of art, I feel like it’s a piece of me. I hope others enjoy the show."

- James Engelman


"I am sometimes nervous to start painting or drawing because there are so many things I want to do. When I get myself to start something, I am so happy when its done. I really didn’t think I could do art until the classes at OTR."

- Tony Graves


"I love to work in the abstract. Shapes, lines and color are what I am drawn to. When I start, I really don’t know how it will finish. I love that part of art, the not knowing what the direction it will take. I love exploring new things in our art classes."

- Lawrence Davis


"It takes a long time for me to finish one of my paintings because I care so much about it. I never rush myself, I want it to be right. I have a certain vision and it takes me time to reach that. I love how I feel when I’m done."

- Ana Flores

"The moment I was holding a crayon, a pencil, I was creating art. Creating art is not only my passion & way of self-expression, but it truly nourishes my soul. When I create art, I’m in a whole other world that is special & intimate to me. I create art in many ways w different materials & these art pieces are just a few examples. Art is healing & I love to help others heal through the creations I make."

- Mary Mocny

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